My youngest Daughter (32F) is depressed and feels unsupported, I am doing everything (60F) but nothing is working. HELP

This is a growing problem in the western world, women find purpose in being wife’s and mothers. Unfortunately she is past her prime and she probably spent her prime partying and devaluing herself as a high value women now she finding it hard to feel a purpose because she doesn’t understand the biological aspect of what women truly desire. Thousands of years of proven methods and people want to believe that it’s not what they want until it’s too late.

Best advice get her to learn to cook and clean and find a man who will take care of her because that’s what men want. Wether some women hate it or not that’s the facts of the world. Learn to be feminine and get fit because beauty and femininity is what is most attractive to men and women find purpose in being that wife and mother.

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