My (23f) fiancé (30m) said another girls name in his sleep last night, how do I handle this?

You need to decide if you trust him or not. If he is worthy of your trust, ask him. I'd bet a dollar he was having a work dream. Maybe Haley was trying to copy her coffee.

If he isn't worthy of your trust then you should already be packing and planning.

If you know you can trust him but can't get over the feeling, you may need to seek out professional help, or ask him to assuage your insecurities with the assurance that you trust him enough to ask.

There's nothing wrong with needing this. A lot of people have a disconnect between their simple meat brain and something as all-encompassing and complicated as reality. We create a rudimentary picture for our own use out of the twitchings of our simple meat sensors. Sometimes our brain is wrong.

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