My boyfriend (23m) whipped headphones off my head and got in my face. (22f)

You know, it changes you when someone verbally abuses you and demeans you constantly. I was so anxious and panicky all the time I got down to 105 pounds. I would try and fight back sometimes but then he would gaslight me and say I was being abusive. For instance, one time I grabbed his leather jacket when he was yelling in my face, it ripped the lapel, and then that was his go-to during conflicts for the next couple months… he would say I wasnt a real woman because I couldn’t afford to buy him another $1,000 designer leather jacket. So, my flight response kicked in and I started to run out of the house in my pajamas with no shoes on in the snow and hide on the side of the house just to get the hell away from him. It was traumatic and I’m still in therapy a decade later. You just don’t know how you’re gonna react until you’re in that situation. I was just as angry as you imagine yourself being, but being verbally abused I destroyed my self-worth. I am just glad I got out after less than two years.

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