Did I mess up? Am I wrong for feeling the way I do about this situation? Me (30 M) her (30 F) long distance “situationship”.

K is my best friend’s fiancée’s best friend. I met her last year through them and we immediately hit it off. When we met we both lived in the US, but we both knew upon meeting that she was temporarily going to relocate to the UK (which she ultimately did shortly thereafter and is where she currently lives). We never put a label on it but for about 2 months it was incredibly intense. We basically treated each other like boyfriend and girlfriend. It was seriously an instant connection that I’ve never felt before. When K moved to the UK I broke it off because I didn’t want to get hurt, and she expressed to me beforehand that she wasn’t interested in making a transatlantic relationship work. We ended up getting in a fight and we blocked each other for about a year.

Around August my friend and his now fiancée get engaged. K texts me out of the blue apologizing for the fight — I accept and apologize as well. No further communication between us until this February when I learn that my job is sending me to London for 2 weeks.

Two weeks prior to the trip I text K and see if she’d like to grab a quick lunch or coffee to catch up and clear the air, and she says yes. My intentions here were strictly platonic. The day that I get to London we met up for drinks that evening and we picked up right where we left off. Instant chemistry. The next night we went out for more drinks and she invited me over afterwards, where we ended up having sex. We hung out/hooked up a few more times and the final time she called it our “first date”, and everything was incredible. That evening in bed she said she didn’t want the night to end, she said that I’m the “perfect person at the worst time” and that she had never written off a relationship with me…that it was always in the back of her mind. I told her that I felt the same way. I had developed some pretty strong feelings for her but I hadn’t yet confessed them to her.

I left London two days later and she and I are texting, talking, etc pretty much every day. We’re being flirty, being emotionally vulnerable with one another, etc. I then learn that work is sending me back to London in April for a week (where I’m currently at) and that I’d be able to see her. I was planning on confessing my feelings to her at that point. We make plans for another date, which then turns into a weekend getaway to the south coast. Everything was being built up, both sexually and from an “I can’t wait to see you again” standpoint. I arrive in London again and this is where things start to get weird.

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