My attempt at recovery is harming everyone I love and I'm at a loss.

Honestly, it's time to get a grip on yourself man. Your mom has breast cancer and you are making her life worse by doing this to yourself. It's great that your parents are paying for treatment for you but ultimately your sister is right. I think the only way you will learn your lesson is if you are cut off from everything and realize how much worse off it is. It's one thing if you are an addict and you are hurting your family but your mom has fucking BREAST CANCER. This is the most selfish thing in the world you are doing honestly...wallowing in your sorrow while she suffers a truly deadly disease (Not that addiction isn't deadly, but it's voluntary affliction in my opinion). Also I think it is just supporting your habit if they are letting you go to a suboxone clinic...people take suboxone to get high all the time that isn't really curing to me. How are you going to get off drugs if you are just taking suboxone instead of heroine? Suboxone is another drug...and you already said you relapsed..I have seen people get strung out on suboxone itself. You're crying out like your life is so hard but your mom has breast cancer and your selfishly complaining about how much of a problem it is not getting high. If you really care about your family and not yourself, I think it's about time you started showing it. Go to a detox clinic and completely detox yourself and if you can help it don't take any suboxone. I understand life's hard, trust me, and I've been through all these motions before myself. I'm almost a year clean now (Not off heroine but something equally as dangerous) but looking back on how I used to be reminded me a lot of your situation, with a sister saying the exact same things, and I now know she was right. I was able to quit cold turkey with sheer willpower and it wasn't easy, but it's possible. It's possible for you too. Know that I'm not trying to piss you off, maybe it's a bit of tough love, but good god man, your mom has breast cancer. Good luck dude.

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