My expensive toys

I see a picture of someone's possessions, that makes them happy, and is within their means without going in to debt to show off.

Could be a young dude just getting going... I remember my days with a cheap ass s-10 and a second hand bike, super pumped to just be able to go to the track, throw on my cheapest gear and heading out for a rip.

There is enjoyment in simplicity. On days off I have to decide if I'm going to take the boat out, or polish up my classic car and go for a cruise... Or maybe I spend the day working on my airplane. If I decide to go for a rip I have to decide what bike I want to ride, pick through my thousands in $ worth of gear to ride, and then which trailer to use, or do I just put the bike in the bed of the truck. I just wish my snowmobile wasn't always in the way when I try to get my bikes out.

Don't be a dick, there's always someone out there with more toys than you. Paid off toys are the only ones that count.

This guy with the uncle ronnie fenders is probably a chill dude to ride with.

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