My girl and I wore these hats around Nashville during the last election. It was a blast. Wake up to the drama triangle. Make a meaning of your life that is fulfilling. Nothing wrong with some edibles and red wine in moderation folks. Enjoy your life!

Of course, the real test of whether or not you have mastered the drama triangle and being present is when your girl is freaking out and accusing you of cheating on her. She's breaking your stuff and putting holes in walls and you haven't had any edibles to keep your adrenaline at bay and you look at her and say. Honey, I think you've had too much to drink and insecurity is turning into rage and the saboteur has the reigns of your consciousness in this moment.

It's all part of the experience. Never forget that and never fall into blaming when you are in an argument with your girl and she is raging out. I date smoking hot Latinas and they can be a bit emotional at times. It's all about staying cool and being present and never forgetting the roles of the drama triangle.

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