My MVM experience in a nutshell

I'm not apologising for assholes but it gets really tiresome to see the same stupid mistakes over and over and over again. I realised that I got quite cranky over the last 100 of my 270 tours. I really have to hold myself back to not start flaming everyone who got no common sense. It's the big stuff that annoys me the most. Tele exit as death traps, scouts with no res, people who start playing advanced missions without the items needed for mvm, people with items that are clearly bad (liberty launcher, degreaser, medi gun), etc. I do 1-3 tours a day and sometimes need up to 5 hours just to finish 2 missions in random mann up pubs. You can do those 2 missions in decent lobbies in under 1 hour.

I also hate it when people force the mentor roll on me. Feel free to ask about advanced stuff or mechanics as much as you like but at least get the basics straight before starting advanced missions. It's not my job to explain stuff to 4-12 lobbies every day. It really gets tiresome and I get nothing out of it. Someone who joins advanced missions without at least reading a guide/playing bootcamp/asking his friends waste the time of 5 other players in the lobby. That's just a no go.

Most of the top 100 TC players (ranked by amount of tours) are in my friends list and 90% are super friendly. Santa and Osiris are probably the nicest guys I've ever had the chance to play with. The problem is that those guys don't or very rarely play mvm pubs. They prefer playing in pre made lobbies which means that quite a few of the "nice guys" aren't in the pool of players a random mvm player would ever see. The amount of asshat "high tour" players seems a lot bigger that way to people who rarely play mvm.

Again... it's not cool or excusable to treat people like dirt just because they behave in a manner that drags the team down. Just wanted to explain it from my point of view.

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