My playgroup's new attitude.

I do believe you've projected quite a bit here... I'm not the strawman you're attacking here. The whole last paragraph where you go on and on about how I think the format is MEANT to be played competitively is entirely off-base. Everyone can play the format exactly as they'd like. I would never dream of telling people they can't play their 'fun' decks. If I play someone who isn't playing on the same level, I play a match, and then I move on, or pull out a janky deck, because that match up isn't fun for them, it isn't fun for me... we're not compatible EDH players. That's fine. I would never make rules or force a situation where these people are denied the type of game they'd like to play. I'd just tell them... I'm not the opponent for them.

The reverse isn't true though. The RC is imposing rules on the casual and competitive players, saying the format must shift in a direction towards the casual fanbase. It IS forcing my hand in how I build, play, and respond to decks... and forcing it in a more casual direction. If I want to play with randoms on MTGO.. I MUST subscribe to more casual rules..... Which to use their phrasing "feels bad," and invalidates my form of playing. You come across as a fairly miserable, bitter person in this response.... And I'm really sorry if you've run into competitive players who have set out to be these miserable assholes you describe... but if you and I played... and it became clear we were playing different games, I'd have apologized, probably tried to laugh it off at my own expense, and then told you to have a good day. I am FINE and actively desire a "live and let live" approach to this format... But I feel like the casual side consistently does precisely what you just did... and tries to demonize competitive players as if we're fun killing assholes. I'd argue that most of us just want to be left alone to play the format how we'd like, and not have the phrase "the spirit of EDH!" forcibly shoved down our throats every time we play a deck that runs consistently and with reliable answers. Not be treated like people that forgot EDH was supposed to be fun, just because fun means something different to us.

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