My son

Thank you for your insights. He is, and always has, been raised to be the best human being he can be, no matter what. I've always told him and his sister that it's not them I don't trust, it's the creeps out there. Given the context of a small city where homosexuality isn't given the respect it should, and the fact that since this posting, in another small city only 45 minutes away from us, a distant relative who has come out as gay was beaten for it as one of his own cousins looked upon and did nothing, are legitimate concerns. Yes, it is considered different than a redhead or lefthandedness here. I'll keep him close and watch his back. It's not gays who are the problem, it's those who punish them for their own insecurities with homosexuality who are the problem. Everyone of them can kiss my god damn left ass cheek twice as far as I'm concerned. I want my son to be able to freely be himself without fear. He's twice the human many could be, self included. It's a damn privilege to be in his company as you'll never find a more forthright, genuine heart. Damned if I'm going to let him flounder when some ignorant redneck is spewing their crap at him, it's up to me as a parent to not only provide him with a safe home and family life to instill the sense that there is some safety in the world, but also the tools to contend with the crap that these things can bring. Hate crimes are ugly, ugy things, as we all know. He's already got racism to contend with from both sides of his racial background on top of classism bullcrap so often found in industrial countries. The racism and classism I already grew up dealing with, and like hell I'm leaving him completely alone at his young tender age without ally. Ever see the movie "Deliverance" with Burt Reynolds? Well, that's not far off from what it is like in some of the bible-thumping towns on this island. No reason or logic. Strike first and don't even bother to ask questions. Always consider context. He's already had enough for one lifetime. All I want is my atheist son to live a safe, healthy, happy life in peace. It's not a lot to ask for.

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