Need to hear success story - methane dominant and feeling HOPELESS AF RN - in ALOT OF PAIN

Thanks, I have heard this about the thoughts not being "real you" from my therapist who magically is like GI informed by chance, but, I am in hell from when I didnt know I had sibo and I destroyed a relationship I was in. I am also just feeling so drained. I dont know how I missed this comment but thank you :-) I was on the check in weekly w a doc for a while over the late summer and fall but that was before sibo diagnosis sadly. Big waste. Draining. Confusing. I guess at least I know what it is now but the damage is done and I feel SOOO hopeless. I think the relationship is the most painful thing for me. It makes me feel like if I lost that over this and this is so hard to beat, I should just give up. i hate myself for how this has made me someone else and I feel so low I'm sorry.

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