I need a lawyers advice asap! My lawyer wanted more money that I couldn't afford!

It's an extremely complicated situation and it's easily identifiable.

My sister is fighting her ex for custody of my niece. He gave it to her. That's the easy part.

He moved in with his gf, gfs sister, gfs sisters boyfriend. He is not a lease holder.

He was acting like a scumbag and my parents attempted to do a scare tactics to make him act like a father.

He put out a restraining order after coming to our house and pretending it was okay. He lied on the restraining order. He also did not attempt to contact police immediately. He violated the visitation agreement and left my niece with his gf.

His gf sister assaulted my niece in her private area.

My sister petitioned for a protective order.

My sister has opened a case with DCS.

As it turns out, he filed for emergency custody of my niece. He is saying that my parents have to move out and my sister needs therapy.

He is also trying to convict my parents of criminal confinement.

He is also suing my sister for attorney and court fees even though his aunt works for his lawyer so he gets his services free.

We have court tomorrow and I'm supposed to be a witness as both parties have documented me as a witness on paper work.

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