Is Dimethyltryptamine the God/Alien concept we've all be searching for? Also is the monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey like phone/tv/monitors we're looking through the monolith into another world?

Im just over everyone accepting the bullshit and complaining about it all you shouldnt have to complain ifif we can invent an all-in-one hand held sphere shaped micro computer (even use that new $150 Intel stick that's coming out), a 360° pico smart interactive projector, that is a self powered (solar, air, friction thermal,nuclear idgaf figure it out, make it all safe and green as fuck. Add a generator, water filter, portable aircon, hydroponic chamber, whatever those things are called that extract moisture from the air can't be fucked looking up anything right now, an air filter, vaporizer, food, interactive activities. Why are we even smoking still btw fuck me use your brains.

The answers are right in front of you

Don't speak to a robot fuck that speak to people via 360° interactive projector. Let's do what all those fuckin prophets that came before were doing change and move forward adapt and offer the people the world on a plate offer them heaven and earth lets go forward. Stop fighting all religions are right but not if you take them literally adapt take what you need and move forward. Basic evolution yes? I'm 20 years old I haven't passed a grade higher than 9 and I'm figuring it out. Get off your asses and help me find the answers. Get dmt . Use your internet and let's leave this shithole.

Like fuck if something bad happens adapt and fix it we have 7 billion minds together fuckin let's all link up and before computers figure out how to and we terminate ourselves I can take you to salvation just don't worship me take your best ideas drop the ones that are negative and let's evolve.

Interstellar was right Chris Nolan is a genius tars the robot did all the work but in the end we saved the day. We're driving the endurance we're in control but the machines do all the Bullshit we have the brain power of 7 billion brains what if the earth is our skull and we are the neurons all our networks all our lights and roads we are the brain the universe is the brain and we have to all work together to work it out like we learn as a child. We are inside the brain and we are the universe our brain is literally the universe and there and little cunts called dmt inside us giving us a message and its our job to deliver dmt to the next brain up

Thanks for your time :)

Now use logic , reason, rationality and evolution to move forward there's the meaning of life now lets teach it to the next level up .

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