The "Netflix" gaming dillema: binge-playing vs. playing bit by bit.

I think it's partially due to "checkpoints."

A TV show has a checkpoint after each episode. You've completed an episode.

With that format, it gives you the freedom to bail once every half hour and still feel satisfied. The commitment isn't as asking of you.

Meanwhile, with video games, there usually aren't always clearly defined "episodes." Sometimes there are chapters and whatnot, but they don't always have a preset time to them as TV episodes do, and you're not really sure where the "checkpoint" is in games that allows you stop and feel satisfied. It's a lot more nebulous in that way, so the feat of beginning and continuing a game is less of a commitment than watching a TV show that has short, preset sessions already in its nature, convenient for you to adhere to or keep going and stop after any session you want.

I did something with my post just there: I talked about TV shows in short, isolated sentences. With video games, I devoted a full block paragraph. A reader will be more attracted to the one-off sentences than the full block paragraph because they can get the idea of the message quickly without devoting themselves to a paragraph that has an end but you're not necessarily sure where it is once you begin, so it's a bit more daunting.

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