It was never about legal vs illegal immigration for Trump and supporters, it was always about justifying the second-class treatment of every POC in America.

I think as of today, we've reached the point of no return. You go on to the comments of White Americans who agreed with Trump and their response to those accusing Trump of further dividing the country is that, "We're fighting a culture war, unity is a euphemism for surrendering to the socialists and the foreign hordes." These people legitimately believe they are fighting for their very existence. These low class White people with nothing to be proud of besides their skin color. If POC's gained more rights and took that privilege away from them, what other route would they have other than suicide?

As for Andrew Yang, its obvious if it wasn't for the fact that Trump had an alliance network in Asia to maintain against China, he would go all out with the slant eye gestures, accusing his wife of working at a massage parlor, saying that he eats dog, etc. etc. That's why we have to throw our weight behind Yang. Or if he does not get it, I've said it before Warren's got a lot of momentum right now, but her campaign manager is Asian American so that's good representation for us right there.

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