New Buyer Daily Discussion - Oct 13, 2020

I'm in the UK, delivery lead times looked really long so put off buying - then finally bit the bullet on a Bike+ last week, it said 8week delivery times, which seemed long, but I could live with it.

Went through the purchase flow - first delivery date - January 20th 2021! The live chat doesn't work, had to give up on the phone after too long on hold - have also emailed asking for a normal bike (which they say they can deliver in 1-3 weeks) now and have them switch it out when the + becomes available. TBH - I'd happily cancel the order and just re-order the older model.

But the customer service options are so bad - its like a joke for a company this size, with a product that costs this much, that you have to pay for monthly to be quite so awful. All it would take is a few more call centre workers....

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