New Character Sheets Here!

I am new to this but here is the character I've been working on.

Ethan Demain

I know the cybereyes are not optimal but they are crucial to the backstory/roleplay of the character. I hope to buy bioware to fill up the rest of the essence point.

He was originally from a fairly well off corporate family, however a corporate rival of his fathers targeted the family with his aggression and framed him for murder when he was 14. His family turned their back on him in order to not lose their own corporate status. Wrongly accused and imprisoned he built up a great deal of resentment toward his family and the corporate structures that imprisoned him.

During his imprisonment his powers awakened and the torture to reveal the true extent of his abilities caused him to lose his eyes.

At 28 he was able to escape thanks to a friendly guard and the use of astral perception to cover the loss of his sight. He immediately left Great Britain and sought refuge in Berlin.

He lived in squalor in Berlin for a couple of years over which time the loss of his eyes sent him spiraling into depression. Bliss took him out of that dark place, at least for as long as the high lasted.

In the years since he has recovered from the depression but he has not completely recovered from his addiction to Bliss.

He lived on the streets at first, regaining control and honing his tortured body. He participated in underground fights, with no eyes and no cybernetic enhancements he was considered easy prey, but his adept abilities and magic soon became apparent to those in the underground.

He saved money and eventually bought a pair cybereyes to replace the ones he lost in prison.

Now he is a Shadowrunner as a way to make a living as a criminal, although he is constantly looking for information on those who took his eyes from him.

The loss of his eyes affected him greatly and as a mage he specializes in making others see what he wants them to. Taking to the black magic tradition to deceive others and hide the truth. He used his magic for self gain and trained out of sight in the woods outside Berlin.

It was here that he was first accosted by a plant spirit. The selfish use of his magic in addition to the destruction of some of the landscape during spells gone wrong prompted the spirit to appear. When he was unrepentant about his magic and refused to abandon his hideout there the spirit attacked.

After slaying the plant spirit several more appeared and he found himself forced to retreat from that area. Plant spirits have been a bane ever since.

One night in Berlin a drug deal went south when the police showed up, he immediately went invisible and disappeared into the night. The drug dealers were not so lucky and lost several men in a firefight with the cops. With that, and the fact the he took the drugs when he left the drug lord put the blame squarely in his lap.

He found out about this when a team of armed men came to "visit" his apartment. after managing to escape out of a back exit he decided it was time to leave.

He reached out from to a friend as was put in contact with a smuggler. Unfortunately the smuggler recognized him from his life before, "even without the eyes a spitting image of your father", and was an old friend from a different life.

The smuggler attempted to incapacitate him and return him to the company that had imprisoned him and after a great struggle the struggler wound up dead. This betrayal by an old friend has left him with trust issues and made him cold, and untrusting.

Now he had to flee even further then anticipated, However using magic disguises to aid in preventing further detection he managed to reach Seattle without too much further issue.

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