New mate

You can bring your lunch if you’d like, as some do. I would say at least half buy our lunch at the store. The black bean and cheese burrito is a crew favorite! Or one of the fresh salads or entrees are also popular. Definitely bring your water bottle (so you aren’t one of the many people who leave their plastic water bottle left half empty on the sales floor for me to dump out and recycle for them. Also ugh plastic.)

There should be lockers for you to put your stuff in, but some stores only have smaller lockers so maybe wait and see before bringing a backpack.

Some advice… as a mate off the street, you might be given a little bit of a hard time for not being an internal promotion. Pay it no mind and try to learn the culture of the company and your store before you do anything else. Be nice to your crew! If you do those things, you’ll be just fine.

Good luck!

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