New to running

Just do it! If you have a planned run day when you're struggling, tell yourself you'll just do 1 mile. Chances are, once you've made it 5 minutes in, your mindset will have changed, and the full 3 miles will be within your sights. If you're REALLY having a bad day - any run (or walk) is better than none. Any run/walk combo is also a run in my book. Miles are miles! If something starts to hurt, then stop!

In my personal experience, weight loss is about the diet so much more than the exercise (personal mileage may vary). There's a popular saying that you can't outrun the fork. Perhaps consult a dietician for a good plan that matches your exercise goals as well as your weight loss goals.

I don't "love" running, but I do love swag and medals! If that's something that motivates you, maybe you could look into the virtual race community! There are TONS of virtual race challenges out there.

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