[NEWBIE] Giving up on guitar

He's a skilled musician but he's also a social media personality. That's his frame of reference. I mean no disrespect to him but if I wanted to grow up to be a guitar hero and capped out at being a Youtuber, I might start thinking up reasons why that was the best anyone could expect to do too.

No one knows the future. We're in a moment that, commercially, doesn't propel guitar players to the top of the charts. That doesn't mean that deeply inspiring musicians have ceased to exist or that current popular trends are somehow written in stone.

I was a kid in the 80s and 90s. There wasn't a lot of "mystique" about top musicians then. Their personal lives were constant tabloid fodder. The news would have told us the size and shape Kurt Cobain's shits if they could only sneak into his bathroom long enough to gather the information. The 24/7 news cycle didn't stop great music from happening then and social media isn't stopping it from happening now. If you're looking for an idol, listen to more music, not more YT commentary.

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