newbie question about tank

Generally I use my long range skill first (Tomohawk/Shield Lob/Unmend/Lightning Shot?) Then I use my aoe as soon as the mobs are in front of me, I normally account for latency and do it a lil early. I then backpedale 1 or 2 steps and use my 2nd aoe or reuse the first if I don't have a 2nd one. For targeting I would suggest editing your weapon drawn targeting filter and ensure you have your weapon drawn when engaging in combat. You can also adjust how your tab targeting works (cone or ignore depth).

Tank Stance is a ability you turn on that greatly boosts the enmity you build on your skills (have this up all the time unless in 8 man/24 man content when you're not the main tank.

Big Pulls are more than 1 pack of ads, grab the first lot, run to the 2nd lot and grab them etc.

Wall to Wall means you grab everything the duty allows you to grab.

(Will edit later, on phone atm and don't memorize ability names D: )

Best of luck tanking o/

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