[TOP] Achievement, title and rewards were revoked for party members associated with the cheat

As someone who is using Third Party Addons, it's pretty clear what is a definite 'No you do not do that'

My plugin to auto accept queue pops, resending retainers and my mods so that my SMN summons are Gaia (Carbuncle) and Hydalyn (everything but Bahamut and Carbuncle) aren't doing any harm.

Neither is my Character Info plugin so that my jobstone is in the slot where the weapon is and the sides are even. All of that is aesthically for me and I am neither streaming nor posting screenshots.

My ACT for logging purposes only isn't hurting anyone either (as I upload only for my static and only private).

I am glad that SE is putting down the punishment. I rather not have that QoL then give SE the feeling of 'Why even bother'

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