Homogenization vs Uniqueness

My 2 cents on it is, I think FF14 should try to push players into maining a role instead of a single job that needs to be good at everything in everything. If they tweaked stuff like materia and armory exp bonus for jobs in the same role, I really think the move would be to make all the jobs in each role have different strengths and weaknesses which would let them lean into their differences more and then make fights that favor different things and incentivise using the job change system to chnage comps in response.

That said, it's probably wishful thinking because right now, it's like the job balance people and fight designers are on 2 different pages, the job balance is trying to keep some jobs with sustained DPS or ranged tax, MCH still has ping issues, citing wanting to keep job difference but then they tailored everything to strictly fall into 2 minute burst making all the jobs that do their own thing except BLM, bad because they are going against the entire structure while also being damage taxed when it should be opposite and they need more damage to compensate if they're going to ignore burst. Then you have jobs like SMN or BRD that get completely screwed by the 2 minute set up if the boss goes invulnerable or they die because they're forced to desync from the party. Melee is still the highest DPS even though fights are all designed to favor th heavily now and casters and healers actually have the hardest time by far yet the job balance team is still taxing range. There's a lot of problems and the fact we barely have any actual utility skills and "buffs and debuffs" now just means "push this and the team does more damage" on top of everything being forced into burst, forces homogenization, everything has to do basically the same thing because nothing exists to differentiate them anymore. And even there, the fight designers made fights where the boss goes invulnerable at 2 minutes, throwing the whole thing into chaos because some jobs have no choice but to desync now when before, depending on the comp, jobs could have their own shorter burst and then they'd be able to realign much easier.

Lots of issues right now that all lead to jobs getting more homogenized and boring.

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