Dishonest Gillionaire

I know people in the comments are saying Gil has plenty of uses... But honestly in the main game (so msq and gearing up during leveling/msq and through endgame raiding), I'd say gil has relatively little use.

You can essentially gear a job from 50-90 through poetics entirely. and below 50 you can level through potd or squadrons. As for end game gear, you can get gear drops from dungeons, alliance raids, normal raids, and the latest tomestones (both capped and uncapped). Only time Gil comes into play is if you want the crafted gear, which I'd argue is only used if you need to reach ilvl for savage (and you don't have other gear for that job).

Which leaves materia, food, and pots if you plan to do savage/ultimates. From what I've seen, materia for lvl 50-80 is dirt cheap. And even lvl cap materia there are alternative methods besides the mb.

While obviously it's not useless as a currency, I'd argue it has pretty limited uses overall.

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