"It's no longer possible to be a Republican and be a good person, too."

Who told you that? Truth is that a president has little effect in the economy but it does have an effect on stock market optimism or pessimism. Every President takes credit for how well the economy is doing when in fact is is the federal chairman's actions that are the real driver of it. The President can slow down other economies through bad policies and monetary tightening and loosening and this is in fact what is occurring right now.

That you didn't correct me was exactly why I stated my opinion in this specific fashion. It was the same reason why we recovered from the disaster of the housing collapse caused by the subprime crisis. President Obama did exactly what Bernanke recommended with regards to throwing money at the problem. The economy is still this strong today. It is why we are remaining the only economy that seems to be immune to the problems effecting the other countries. Throw 8 trillion at anything and see what happens. Time has an effect on economies and we just might see a downturn coming in the next year. The Boeing 737 max is going to hurt Trump. see? Not a thing that Trump did yet he will be blamed if a recession happens.

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