None of you twerps are on Ambien

What makes you even post this? Lol, Or are you on Ambien posting this as it looks like alot of people get adverse reactions to it, Or is there a joke I'm not getting ?

On a side note while on the topic of Ambien...

Idk why but it doesn't make me do stupid stuff. I say this as my first few doses I've taken as prescribed not everyday but as needed for obvious reasons..

Does a great job most of the time it as its designed for .... does the job better than any other sleep meds which are safer and not physically addictive.

Even though I only take it when i really need it as it's not the best for cognitive function, gaba based drugs in general - tolerance, physical dependency which isn't fun and all that nastystuff comes with also some of the best bdrugs to treat bad anxiety or sleep problems.

It's as bad as opiate withdrawal after long term use but the withdrawal process is dangerous as one can actually die from , z drugs like Ambien, Benzs and booze.

So one should not cold turkey and should probably taper and if you can get it a supervision at er or shudder andetox facility. I know in Canada they've got nice staff but detoxification there isn't the best as they only seem to know how to treat opiate WD as most if not all arent nurses unfortunately. .. You've got 12-30 beds in one room depending which city you are in. And it's not the greatest. You could look into maybe seeing if your local hospital has a bed. I know people who have bad WDs doing them in a hospital bed which is better than detox as you can get detox meds from drs and nurses and overall better care. Once you show you can at least walk they kicked my buddy out though but that took him 4 days before he could stand up and not have to keep running to the bathroom. He was going through opiate withdrawal and was prescribed ambien by the dr for the worst of his Wd for night and clonazepam in the day.

but it works the best for me without me as said. Recently got 5mg prescribed as a one off - I took my first one about at midnight. It's now 7am and I haven't slept. As I thought there was some sort of recreational effect but to be honest id say benzos are more recreational. Or maybe 5mg wasnt enough? I do have a 2mg Xanax a day for about a little over a year fml but yeah using these with my taper

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