Noob questions

1) pig traps are completely random. You could get lucky and it be the 1st box or unlucky and it be the last box.

2) there's not much you can do against camping unfortunately as the one on hook. Camaraderie helps increase your time on hook but that only stalls for your team. Deliverance and slippery meat can help you get off the hook depending on luck and situation. Ds helps when you get tunneled after the unhook. The only worth it one is ds tho. Just pray your teammate has borrowed time as well.

3) noed won't show until the 1st person is hit after gens are done. If you get more used to it you can tell that the killer a slightly higher speed but thats it. Break dull totems early or memorize them if scared of noed.

4) if you had dropped them and picked them up the wiggle timer gains progress so be careful. The only thing would be if one of them had breakout and was running alongside you

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