Obscure, New or Unused Character/Canon Discussion for 3/22/2015

You wanna see an obscure character? Fine here is a mini RT of an unused character. Some of these images might be NSFW... I forget

Chiffon Fairchild

Chiffon Fairchild is a Legendary Pandora. They are the original prototypes of the Pandora soldiers created in 2022. Gengo Aoi describes them as clones of Maria Lancelot he created from her genes. They were developed and grew up at Lab 13. Although they are "100's of times" stronger than the average Pandora in modern times, their bodies were unstable due to their massive strength and as a result had to be sealed away in suspended animation to prevent their deaths. Their bodies are composed of over 80% Stigmatic tissue. Aside from Chiffon, all Legendary Pandora have displayed holographic constructs bearing numbers. These constructs appear when the Legendary Pandora fight seriously, and though their purpose is unknown, these numbers may reduce, similar to timer or counter, when the Legendary Pandora use their incredible abilities. How rapidly these numbers reduce seems to depend on the ability, the strength behind it, how quickly it is used, and the number of abilities the Legendary Pandora is using at once. Unlike a timer, however, these numbers may increase if a Legendary Pandora absorbs stigmatic energy.

Chiffon was believed to be a foreign student from Canada with four Stigmata. Prior to the arrival of Kazuya Aoi at West Genetics, she had already worked her way into the rank of Number One–the strongest and most potent–amongst all third-year students, acquiring the nickname "The Unparalleled Smiling Monster" along the way, although she rarely bothers showing it. She doesn't even understand why she is called The Unparalleled Monster

So there we go. This is part of my one of my upcoming RT projects so it's just a very very very rough draft and still needs to be reformated and so forth.

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