[OC] We do not want to fight, Chapter 3

Disclaimer: Hey guys, In my last post I talked about solar system but what I meant was a galaxy. This was a overlook on my part and a translation mistake, I'm really sorry about it and I hope it doesn't break any immersion for you.

There was a loud explosion. The whole ship shoke and sparks of electricity flew through the air.

"Sir! We can't hold them back longer!"

"Don't ya worry laddie, if all goes to plan we won't have to!" Replied the ship's captain, Harald Barclay. Harald is built much like you would expect a sea-captain to be, he was large, strong, with a mighty belly and a great big bushy beard.

"We've hold them back so far, haven't we, what's to stop us from holding back any longer laddie, reinforcements are on their way"

"Aye sir"

"Poor lad" Captain Barclay thought to him self "He's not built for this, none of them are, not even my dear ship was built for this"

Captain Barclay and his men had been on a mining expedition when the news of the war broke out and all able ships had been called to arms. The HMS Maria was a sturdy bunker of a ship, built to survive the harshest radiation and equipped with powerful lasers to mine with. But it was not built to hold back enemy ships. The command had been clear, all able ships were to hold back the enemy to give the homeland a chance to ready arms. Harald would never admit it to his men but he was terrified. He had to keep up moral, make them believe in them selves. He had failed his own daughter, he would not fail the homeland.

"Sir! The shields are failing, I'm afraid we don't have much time left" said the helmsman

"Well then, let's see what they are made of!"

Captain Barclay pushed the helmsman out-of-the-way and grabbed the controls, setting course straight for the enemy's ship. He would not fail the homeland.


"Yes Marius?" Replied Major Amanda Lething

"The preparations are done, Valhalla has awoken"

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