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General Questions

How would you describe yourself as a gamer?

I like mastering and excelling the game/s I am currently playing so there are times that I might rage and complain but at the same time I love the social aspect of games (I mostly play multiplayer games)

What are your favorite genres/mechanics/themes and why?

Probably MOBAs (DotA, HoN and DotA2 in particular) as well as MMORPGs plus a little shoot-em-up with CS:GO on the top. For MOBAs I like the thought of going at it with other players using skills + tactics. For MMORPGs I like how you band together with other players to fight bosses in raids. For CS:GO I usually just play it to unwind by rushing every round on either T or CT side.

What are your top favorite 3 games of all time and why?

Counter Strike (1.1 or 1.3... maybe even an earlier version, I can't remember) since it was the first game I got addicted to. Ragnarok Online since it was the first MMORPG I played and almost every gamer I knew was playing it. It was also, for me, a groundbreaker. Some of the people I know still randomly decide to play on private servers every once in a while until now. DotA since I played it for years, until HoN came out which was basically a faster and updated version of DotA. After quitting a HoN for a little more than a year I started playing DotA2 again.

If you were to recommend 1 game for everyone to play, what would it be and why?

Probably Final Fantasy 7. The story is nice, cutscenes were groundbreaking (during it's time) and it has characters you'll never forget.

If you were to recommend 1 game for everyone NOT to play, what would it be and why?

Hmm, not sure. Bad games I've tried out tend to get deleted from my memory... as if my brain was in denial that I even tried it out in the first place.

What game are you currently playing/loving/enjoying the most and why?

DotA2 since every game is different. The challenge is always there and you never run out of new things to learn. CS:GO since it rekindled my love for shooting games and you can play it for extremely short / extremely long durations

What game are you absolutely dying to play and why?

Probably Black Desert (brand new MMORPG)

Why is the #1 spot on your wishlist that particular game?

I can't lie about the graphics being the number 1 factor. Just watch the trailer, heck... just watch the Character Creation screen and you'll immediately find the game gorgeous. Not really sure but hopefully, this time around the Korean developers might look at western games like WoW / FFXIV / Guild Wars and copy and improve on the better aspects of the said games. Korean games tend to be grind-fests after all.

Describe the type(s) of games you would like to receive, if given the chance. If you were to put extra effort into any question, it would be here. What you enter here may or may not influence the type of game(s) you receive if you win.

A diamond-in-the-rough kind of MMORPG / multiplayer game. Probably a game which leans more towards PvE since I miss the feeling of being on the first to kill the end game boss (in the current patch) in my server)

Describe the type(s) of games you would NOT like to receive, if given the chance.

A single player game since I usually start off strong then just tend to slow down until I completely stop because of the lack of a social aspect.

Personal Questions

What is something you really like about yourself?

I still get surprised by the little / simple things.

What is something about yourself that you would like to improve?

My laziness and tendency to quit midway when things get tedious.

Describe one of your favorite moments/memories to do with gaming.

Final Fantasy XIV raid: BCOB Turn 5 (the last boss of that patch). The best raid guild took more than a month to beat it... that's how hard it was.
Now for the memory... Twintania at less than 10%. Main-tank dies, Twintania starts going after the off-tank the healers and they try to keep him alive as long as possible. A Bard dies to one of Twintania's AoEs. Off-tank dies and Twintania starts to run after the Healers and they die one after the other, during that time the second Bard dies to another AoE. My Blackmage and a Summoner is left alive with Twintania at 2%... maybe less. Twintania faces me and starts flapping his wings towards me. I look at the Limit Break gauge. 2 bars. Fuck it. My Blackmage starts casting the Limit Break as Twintania starts licking his lips awaiting the taste of my blood. He's about to hit my Blackmage but Meteors hit him and kill him just in time. I didn't even notice he died until the mission complete message shows up on the top-middle of the screen. I blink. I scream into TeamSpeak just as my other raidmates celebrate as well.

What is your dream game? Describe it as best you can.

Probably something like Log Horizon. Full VR game where you can earn real money, eat real food within the game. With the exception of being able to log out and go back to real life.

What is a nice thing you have recently done for someone?

Give away free in-game skins.

What is a mean thing you have recently done to someone?

Respond to the trashtalk of someone feeding, yet having the gall to trashtalk his teammates in DotA2

What is a really, really bad thing you have done to someone?


What is the nicest thing you have done for someone?

Not sure, don't really keep track of good things I do for the people I love. For strangers, probably join relief operations for those affected by the different Super Typhoons that visit the country.

What are your thoughts on Xmas and all its' festivities?

Good. Gives families and friends time to catch up and bond with one another.

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