Pirates Guide: Step by Step Cleaning, Securing and Quarantine Procedure For Bedbugs

Why is there a separate Materials List and Optional/Conditional List?

The Materials List is the bare bones of what you need in materials to get started with this procedure.

The Optional/Conditional List is also recommended, but not mandatory right away or has elements that don't apply to everyone, such as those who don't have vehicles.

What this allows is the extremely budget conscious to get started for as little as possible and then add the items of the Optional/Conditional List as funds become available.

The entire purpose of this guide is to appeal to those less fortunate, which represent the majority of bedbug infestations as they simply can't afford to drop huge sums at exterminators.

The materials and items are designed to be money spent that lasts basically forever for maximum cost effectiveness, all that has to be replaced once everything is done is the dusts which is only about $20 a year.

There is a racket going on with store purchased pesticides, they say it kills which it may, but they don't mention the downsides or provide a complete bedbug eradication plan. People spray and the bedbugs go away for awhile repelled by the insecticide and they come back. Since one female can lay five eggs a day, they always win the war of attrition with store level quality sprays.

The exterminators have much more effective concoctions and insect growth regulators that avoid a lot of the eyesore, behavioral changes required of our method, if that is a concern to you then please go ahead and hire them instead, but be prepared to spend a great deal of money and still wait several weeks for your eradication to be finished.

Without weekly or bi-weekly spraying to keep on top of the unseen, unannounced arrivals, your bedbug problem could explode once again, it only takes one pregnant female after all. With our system it remains in place indefinably which makes it more ideal for bedbug infested multi-units.

Isn't there is invisible spray that also works all the time like desiccants?

No because it has to get on to the bedbugs body which is elevated by their legs. This is why the desiccant dusts work, it's slightly elevated and they body surf it on as their legs are still in contact with the surface giving them leverage. Liquids don't do that, they spread out too fine and to be raised up requires liquids to be applied rather thick, the bedbugs will simply go around it if they can't wade through it if not already repelled by the smell. The dusts are easier for them to wade through and then cling to their bodies for taking back to their hideouts to rub on their buddies also. (the eggs have to hatch first before it affects them).

There are residual pesticides, but they have to be painstakingly applied to as many cracks and crevices as possible with the hoping that the bedbugs body will rub up against it long enough to be absorbed. Any bedbugs that don't head for the treated cracks are missed, plus the residuals expire in time or get covered in dust, thus become less effective requiring painful reapplication regularly. Another thing is bedbugs are very sensitive and tend to avoid anything chemically smelling. We totally avoid the whole residual procedure as they are likely going to get coated with the dust anyway rendering them ineffective.

CimeXa and DE are composed of nearly 100% common silica, a basic Earth element that is widely found in nature and it fools bedbugs because it doesn't give off any smell. It's the size and shape of the particles that gets them, they don't have any warning they are losing their waxy coating as it's on the OUTSIDE of the insect.

They start getting very dry and very thirsty, which people are their source of liquids so you absolutely need to be behind crawl barriers or it just defeats the purpose of the dusts.

I very highly recommend CimeXa if you can get it as it kills within one or two days, so much faster and better than DE. With 8 or more days to wait for them to die with DE, they have a lot more opportunity to bite and molt off the dusts.

With bedbugs the speed and ability to widespread kill is extremely important, because each female can lay up to five eggs a day. So it's a war of attrition being waged and cutting off their blood source is part of the overall campaign to win that war.

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