Canadian government passes new anti terror bill amidst much skepticism

Are there any video clips of high-ranking NDP or Green party politicians openly talking about how they believe that much of the anti-privacy steps we've taken since the War on Terror began post-9/11 are too costly to us the citizens (both in financial and non-financial terms) and we'd be far better off to abandon this path... and the sooner the better?

Or, are there any video clips of a high-ranking NDP or Green party member saying something like, "You as a Canadian citizen should be a LOT more concerned about slipping and dying while getting out of a bath tub instead of being killed by a terrorist?"

Finally, is it possible that we're giving the NDP and the Green party too much credit for not supporting the passage of this bill in the House of Commons? What if they're just fairly smart politically and recognized that since a lot of the country is against the bill and since the Liberals & Cosnervatives had all the seats they needed to pass the bill through the House of Commons as a majority, would it not have had to been absolutely moronic to support the bill too?

I mean, what if the high-ranking politicians in the NDP and Green party were just politically savvy and are trying to generate EXACTLY the sort of reactionary comment you posted above?

In any event, here's my prediction for Canada over the near-term:

1) Conservatives will lose the next federal election because there are many who are "against Harper" and don't believe there are much bigger trends at work today that go WELL BEYOND the depth of simply party politics

2) Another party will win, regardless of what they promise you can bet the farm that whatever their plan for our government is it'll largely be paid for with newly issued debt (although I don't doubt they'll sell alternative means of financing to the public) and 5 years from now we will have more public debt on our balance sheet and wealth will be more concentrated


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