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Warning everyone now, this is gonna be a long, poorly formatted comment. Buckle up.

i think it's more than just a Rogan-Franco comedy, but the ending threw a lot of people off.

The whole movie was fake in the best way possible; The Koreans were all sketchy, James Franco's character was nauseatingly naive, everything was fucking wonky. The story was just deliberately bad, AND THATS THE POINT. Ima go point by point on a few things I noticed.

I guess I'll start with the Eminem cameo. It's making a huge point about society. Once you realize that, then the rest of the movie will click. Em is talking about his shit, and while he's going down the list, he says that he's gay. Like it's no big deal. WTF right?! of course it's a big deal, EMINEM is fucking GAY!! So of course we get the reaction that everyone would naturally have, namely back up and lets talk about this shit. So, right away we see what kind of characters we're dealing with. The people who work on this show are totally tabloid, focusing on the hot new story. What started as an interview about Em's life and struggles turned into "EM IS GAY?!" and everyone is fucking ecstatic about it.

Skipping ahead to the party, we're following Rogan's character. Here they tell us that it's basically because of him that the show is so successful. Cheers all around, but Rogan seems to be a bit uncomfortable. After all this shit he meets up with Workaholics guy and basically gets berated. Pretty fucked up, and at his own party no less. So now we know that Rogan wants to be more than just a tabloid journalist, he wants to report the hard-hitting facts.

Now I'm gonna move to Franco for a minute. This dude is hardcore naive. Funny as hell, but naive. You can kindof tell Rogan didn't believe he could be serious about journalism; it's way obvious that Franco cares more about ratings. But you know what? He promises to try. This is the dynamic in like ALL of the movies they have together. Rogan's character is more grounded and cautious about doing dumb shit (but he always does it anyways) and Franco is always the loveable, eccentric oaf who gets into trouble somehow.

it was like they were reading directly from a bad script every time they spoke in English. Remember when the dude finally succumbed to the poison and died and everyone in the room starts wailing like a soap-opera.

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