Oh no authright says "concede isn't in our vocabulary"

Russian interference is not okay, but corruption whithin the actual fucking voting system is A-OK. As usual with the left, what's good for thee, but not for me. At this point it should literally be the party slogan. Honestly though, there is a looooooong history of extremists on the Left rigging elections all over the world.

If Trump had come out on top and any notion of corruption whithin the voting system had been rumored, similar to what's in the meme cities would be fucking burning. But yeah, now MsM is censoring the office of the President, but they're not biased....

The entire election was an absolute fucking shit show, but as usual the powers that be will simply pit one side against the other. While the People are busy fighting over the scraps and mediocre differences between these two old ass fucking white guys, the Man will continue to get their way. Your vote doesn't fucking matter, either side and this fucking election proved it.

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