Oh now they wanna be pro choice

didn’t i just say i‘m aware that some woman get raped? But that’s not what we are talking about. This bill (and i know it’s just symbolic) would mean every single man would have this procedure. Please stop ignoring these obvious differences.

i said multiple times now i‘m pro choice. Like to the core. I find laws that prohibit abortion disgusting.

But i also think stunts like this arn’t helping anybody. They won’t convince any right wing idiots mostly because their idiots but also because the analogy doesn’t work. I tried to explain why it doesn’t work but apparently you‘ve chosen not to even read my arguments based on how you are completely ignoring them.

And they take away time that could be spend to actually improve the life of woman instead of making weird comparisons.

Lawmakers shouldn’t make political stunts. They should make actual laws that have a chance to get through and fight tooth and nail for every right they think belongs to the people.

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