Once you can work from a coffee shop or your home, you can work from anywhere: 2020 may be seen by future historians as the year when the internet age truly began

Working from home or cafes is not that great.
I’ve designed my career around being able to work from anywhere. For the last 20 years or so I’ve had a home office, etc. I’ve worked out of cafes beach bars. Those last two are the worst. Those places are for chilling out, not focusing on work. Working from home makes me psychotic.

With all my options open the best I’ve found is hotdesking places. I can rent a desk space in a work environment full of creative people where there’s a cafe attached, I can chat and chill when a need to but focus on work when required. Usually they give access to stuff like laser cutters or CNC machines . There’s options and it’s possible to move around and get variation, bu not be annoyed by chatterbastards

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