Once you go gonewild, is there no turning back?

Hi, I post on GW subs, so perhaps I can offer perspective here.

It appears that you’ve conflated posting on GW with seeking a partner. That is not always the case, and perhaps your gal feels the same way. I would never stop posting for a man. Full stop. I post because it makes me feel good, it makes me feel confident, and it makes me feel sexy. It has nothing to do with seeking a partner, seeking sexual gratification, etc. It’s for me, and my self-confidence.

You’ve seen her phone so you know what our inboxes look like. Did she also tell you that she ignores pretty much every DM? I would believe her if she did; I do the same thing. See, those DMs are strictly driven by a GW photo and don’t take into account who I am as a person. I’m not impressed by guys with dick pics, or promises of 9in, I’m impressed with conversation, maturity, and a sense of humor. DMs from a Ge photo don’t typically encompass those traits.

I wouldn’t take her posting to GW subs as anything other than enjoyment for her. If you’re in doubt, just talk to her.

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