The only bathwater I want to buy

But... He's not bitching at all? Did you actually watch the video or just say you did? His point of the entire video is pretty much giving her kudos for capitalizing on how easy it is for her to make money as an attractive girl.

LOL no it isn't it's throwing shade the entire time are you kidding me?

Literally the only bitching in the video is how creepy and messed up some people are for buying bathwater of a girl that markets herself by looking as young and fake as possible.

Yeah if you only watched the first 4 minutes lmao.

Not to mention, he's informing people of a situation they may not know about. Is it low effort just because he doesn't record his face while talking about it? Would you rather look at a completely blank screen instead of his gameplay? He's just giving a background to his video. Not to mention, talking isn't the only thing he's done. He puts up pictures and screen grabs of what he's talking about.

Yes, low effort. That's the point.

If you think all that a camgirl who manages to outperform other camgirls by literally multiple orders of magnitude is just "bottling he bathwater" then you are

one hell of an idiot.

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