Only the strongest will survive the great altcoin purge, which project are you most confident with and why?

The Big 3 will survive based on their merits and differentiation (BTC, ETH, LTC). BTC has the longest most secure chain and has proven itself over nearly a decade. ETH has managed to become something completely different that BTC as it relates to smart contracts and dApp development. LTC has proven it plays well within a multi-coin environment and provides tangible value when thinking about the development of multi-coin payments using Lightning Network. The exploration of sidechain privacy/fungibility utilities could strengthen the overall value proposition of all 3 of the major cryptos. I think they are the dominant powers with tangible products and adoption and will survive until proven otherwise.

MKR/DAI has proven it can survive both a bull run and crash on ETH and it's ability to provide CDP's has only increased the ability of crypto holders to leverage assets. I think they survive because theyve carved out a unique space that provides additional equity in the space. I think it's pretty easy to see they've been a huge part of this latest bull run given the number of positions that have been opened over the last two weeks.

BAT poses an interesting value proposition and has a great team behind it. I see it as a legitimate threat to Google's advertising dominance but like most of these projects it's going to depend on how well they execute on their plans. They are well funded, Brave looks beautiful, there's already a privacy backlash going on in Europe that should be coming to America and I think all these factors bode well for it's future.

XLM has a good team and a ton of strong partnerships. I couldn't put them on this list without that because I feel that overall they don't really know what exactly they are. But then, that's also a factor for why they are here. There are going to projects that are pushed by corporations to be a "blockchain/crypto solution" within the space and be successful as a result of that and XLM seems to be doing everything it can to be one of those projects. It might be IBM's crypto-equivalent to OS/2 Warp, but I think they survive the zombicoin apocalypse.

NEO stands to either benefit from the relationship with Binance, or it might be destroyed by it. Either way, as another project that allows for dApps and smartcontracts and an integrated economy it still has potential. I'm not crypto dogmatic enough to think the centralization issues are a problem inhibiting it's success because I think in some circumstances, such as the Binance DEX, or as a state platform (China?) that's really a feature that invites certain types of partnerships and support. For all I know, the brain drain might have already occurred and the project is headed for death but I'd like to think lessons that are being learned in scaling a privately owned "DEX" are going to make their way back to NEO.

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