Only thing that helps me This is the first part of a 4 part article written by a certified medical doctor, with all the sources you could possibly need or want. I never claimed any such thing. Cannibis isn't a cure all. You wont magically be cured of epilepsy just because you smoke cannabis, just like you wont be cured by an anti-epileptic medication. It's to treat the smyptoms so patients can live healthy lives. Unfortunately most medications, especially medications like the anti-epileptic variety, have some extreme side effects. A man who is wheelchair bound is likely to have significant back, neck and shoulder pain. No one in their right mind would rather see him take an addictive pain kille such as Vicodin than to smoke a little bit. The other issue with your argument is that the medicinal side of cannabis is the CBD, which is non-psychoactive. The THC is certainly a benefit for mental health patients, but is not at all necessary for treating things like chronic pain. Many people use only CBD oil as a medication so they do not experience the psychoactive effects that come from the THC. Furthermore, a doctor would not prescribe someone cannabis without the patient having a legitimately diagnosed and qualifying disorder. Why I smoke is none of your business but I'll tell you anyways: I smoke primarily at night to help with my insomnia and with nightmares caused by chronic PTSD. I have been told flat out by multiple physicians and multiple psychiatrists that I cannot take any medications and was strongly advised to utilize both CBD oil and the smokable/edible plant. I don't care if people smoke recreationally but I most certainly do not have any respect for your run of the mill stoner. Furthermore, the FDA is even funding research into MDMA (ecstasy) for treatment of PTSD. There is heaps of evidence that psychoactive drugs can be extremely effective in the treatment of mental illnesses. The one who sounds like a bigot here is you. You are grossly misinformed, extremely inflammatory, and are conducting yourself in a wildly inappropriate manner. If you have a problem with people utilizing legitimate medical tools to treat life inhibiting symptoms then you are truly a terrible person. Oh, and by the way, I'm not religious, I don't have any friends that smoke, and I am never under the influence of any drug outside of my home, including alcohol. Have a good night.

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