I struggle to sleep with stress and travel so I made this to share with everyone

I generally sleep ok, so I fully understand that my condition isn't as severe as others in this sub. However, when I travel overseas a combination of jet-lag and anxiety cause me to stress and my stomach to painfully cramp leaving me with sleepless nights and tired days.

The pain feels like extreme appendicitis and it's rather debilitating when I'm meant to be relaxing on holidays.


Now, I've been practicing meditation and relaxation on and off for 20 years and have tried a series of tapes, CD's, and more recently, digital versions such as Youtube recordings.


The benefit of Youtube is that I can have it on hand anywhere I travel.

The problem is the quality of content.


Several recordings I've tried either have some robot "text-to-speech" voice-over or the music levels are so blaring the sound distorts when I play though my phone. The other thing that pains me is when the script gets a bit to 'hippy' in the visualisation routine.


As a result my wife and I wrote our own script and had it professionally recorded by a voice-over artist. We then had it professionally mixed and mastered with the backing music to make it suitable for playback on phones and lower quality headphones.


Here's the result: "How to fall asleep in 15 min: A simple guided sleep meditation"


Initially we created this to meet our needs, but figured we might as well share with some like-minded people out there who suffer from stress, busy schedules, anxiety or insomnia to some extent.


The recording definitely helps me deal with the stress and gain some more sleep. I know it's not going to be a cure-all, but I hope you find it useful.

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