[Other] A personal rant on addition of dual SR events in SIF (EN oriented).

I generally do write TL;DR for my posts, but at the time of writing this I was stressed, preoccupied, and also incredibly angry. This is no excuse, but simply the reason. I apologize for the incoherency.
However, if you have nothing constructive to add to a conversation, you should not participate in it. This is why you were downvoted. Your comment added nothing to this discussion. While I do appreciate the critique of my writing, which clearly needs work, the focus of the discussion was the state of the playerbase within the scope of the newest features of SIF. You replied with the singular word (and even debateably so) "Kay" which added nothing to a discussion I would hope would at least be constructive, if not at least emotionally relieving. If you would like to take the time to help me edit my posts or educate me on the finer points of English grammar and literature, I invite you to message me. Otherwise I'd appreciate you refraining from critiqueing people's writing abilities, because, to be frank, it's fucking rude. You are the apparent minority in being unable to understand what I wrote, and the fact that you felt the need to point it out speaks to the pettiness of your personality. These critiques do not reflect well on you, whether you care or not. In the future, personally messaging a user whom you believe to be infracting upon the basic laws of grammar and formatting of writing will be a much more constructive means of helping people write podts that are to your liking.
And also fuck you.

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