(Serious) People who have survived a murder attempt (by dumb luck) whats your story?

My dad did some awful things to my mother when she offically asked for a divorce. She didn't press charges in agreement that he would proceed with the divorce. He also stalked us for about 9 months. This was after the divorce and he had given up parental rights over me. Well the courts told him you have 24 hours to decide to either give up parental rights or we terminate them. By the way hes a lawyer so he knows how the legal system works. Some of the craziest and dumbest shit he has done : Set my moms car on fire 3 weeks after the divorce was finalized. During the divorce when visitation was allowed took me to church with him only to have the preacher "pray" and preach for a good 20-30 minutes for the "slut demon's soul" aka my mother also to "pray" for her " slut demon daughter ". I was 10-12 years old mind you. He took me and my brother on a 6 day trip during the divorce he got permission from the court. Idk how many planes I'm trying to remember so yea. 5 states. Drove to a big airport flew to Philly ( Flight 1 and 2 cause of a layover and connecting flight) then flew to NY flight (3) , then to Vermont ( flight 4), then then chicago( flight 5) , Then to Hawaii ( 2 flights cause had to catch a connecting one) . I was so fucking jet lagged by the end of it it was insane.

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