I think our 20 million floor is a bit low

a vid explaining it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cXIfqdr2g1U

(I recommend his other vids explaining the situation, he breaks it down in an easy to understand way, the information is normie-friendly, anyone can understand it)

even with every share selling for, say, $20,000,000 each - which is literally NEVER going to happen. it just isn't - not every shareholder is going to hold to that point and sell at those insane prices. BUT, even IF every share sold for $20,000,000 (20mil) each, that's still a total payout of under 5 trillion.

so basically everyone is going to get paid. the DTCC alone are 'good for it'. they have around 54 trillion in assets like securities (think bonds, shares, etc). as well as a big pool of money that members pay into. and also a huge insurance of around 60~ trillion+.


extract from that thread:

20m per share price total payout would be $4,743,375,000,000 @ 63245 per share (Geometric Mean)

TLDR: In summation, its really not as much as a payout as you think, regardless of its Peak. So you might say "Hey wait! X price is too damn much! We'd bleed the world dry and awaken Elder gods!" And I say, "Nay fair Ape, you'd only cause Azathoth to roll over. There will still be a world left to enjoy your tendies. Even at 20 mill per share."

in the never-going-to-happen scenario of every share selling for half a billion or something, and the DTCC not being able to handle it (I don't know what number that would have to be), there are what is called Lenders of Last Resort. in each country, it's the central bank. in the US this is the Fed.

tldr; don't worry, we all get paid <3

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