Our Story: Rummenigge, CEO of @FCBayern , is upset about the statement of @TimoWerner that he does not want to go to Bayern. Rummenigge: “I am actually amazed at nothing, but I have never seen a player make such a statement in response to public rumors“ (Christian Falk)

Thats all fine and well to say that, but Rummenigge was displeased and even quoted FIFA's rules on commenting about signing players from other clubs numerous times during the whole Sane saga.

I'm all for throwing shade at Bayern for the unsettling comments. It was dirty by certain members of the club, but it wasn't Rummenigge that was publicly commenting on Sane.

The person who was causing the issues was Hasan Salihamidzic and Kovac to an extent.

The closest Rummenigge got to commenting about Sane was when he responded to a Pep quote by saying "I don't know whether Pep knows everything that goes on at his club. No Idea. I'd rather not give any status updates here. When there is something to announce, we will. But this isn't there yet".

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