Why do people say “dont enforce your religion on me” whiles they celebrate christmas?

If I choose to celebrate christmas or easter it's just that, a choice. Nobody is forcing me to do it. I think that applies for most of the people who you're asking this question to.

As for me specifically, i grew up Catholoc so I celebrated it as the birth of Jesus. Now, I celebrate it as time with my family and a reason to show them how much I appreciate and love them. Further, Xmas is so ubiquitous in society i think it's fair to say that a lot of people, including me, dont identify it as a religious holiday anymore. As for Easter, kind of the same thing. I take the kids to hunt Easter eggs at the local park and we wear rabbit masks because it's fun for the family. We dont don't do it because of religion.

In both cases nobody is forcing me to do anything. Forcing your religion on me is like if my elected officials decide to govern based on the bible or other religious text instead of neutrally based on our laws and constitution.

Hope this helps.

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