People of reddit, how did your relationship with your first crush end up?

Without my knowledge her mother disapproved of me because I was mixed heritage, she forbade my GF from seeing me or telling me the reason why we broke up, for several months my ex sent cryptic messages about how she needed time, things would all be clear in due time. I was in limbo not able to get closure. After a couple of months I found out she had started dating a guy out of prison for violent behaviour and subsequently she had his baby and later became a single mother. This fucked my head up big time I ended up moving out of area to get my head straight.

Twenty years on she contacts me via Facebook telling me the full story, and wants to pick up where we left off, apparently her jailbird fling was her way of getting back at her mother, she’d never stopped loving me and her mother had recanted her racist views. Oh btw she’s now married to a guy that had raised her daughter as his own plus started a family with her.but hey true love finds a way.

I pointed out that I was no longer the person I was when we dated and how much breaking up had eroded my self esteem.

To paraphrase her reply along the lines of “omg ur so salty, gonna spend more time with my husband, can’t believe I wasted my time lol

Think in retrospect I dodged a bullet

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