People who use onenote and evernote, how do you organize it

For actual tag hierarchy, I use the same what, when, who for now. I use " - " as a tag folder, meaning I will never physically reference this tag as an actual tag. It seems silly to use "what" as a tag because its so generic

what, when, who was from that Michael Hyatt article you reference. "When" is a good reference, so is "Who", but " What" is debatable, since "What" can be really too generic and vague

-Company reference tags are just all the companies I have to deal with. In this, client companies, distributors, software companies, 3rd party consultants, this list goes up to +300 tags. each company has the $ operator in front of it. Not every client company is on here just the ones I feel like pulling in for reference

-Misc and high level tags. These specifically reference things like pinboard notes going into evernote, or onenote notes going into evernote. Or general rules of how I organize things. I still use OneNote to map out diagrams, and I copy that link to evernote and its viewable by onedrive / logging into microsoft. Templates, Daily Work Journals, Scrapped tags, all go here.

-Pinboard reference tags These are the general "tags" that you think of on a daily basis. Like "Food" "cool" "interesting" "health" "gmail" "productivity". Although some of these contradict the "$Company tag" I use, its fine. Like for instance, I'm probably never going to use $apple, but rather apple, for Ipod products instead of the fruit

-Work reference tags These are just tags specifically related to work. They are in the same format as "pinboard reference tags" for now. E.G. "spreadsheets" "Excel". I may down the road differentiate these tags later down the road, with another operator like "&"

I haven't yet figured out how I want my notebook stack. I know lots of people just use an "Inbox" and a "Cabinet" notebook.

I have to have a "Pinboard Cabinet" because of my IFTTT tag syncing. I might merge my "Work Cabinet" and "Personal Cabinet" Together.

I'm not sure whether my default notebook be "Inbox" ? Should all my new notes by default go into there, so I can make sure 100% that my tags are the way they should be before going into work cabinet? Or should I just straight up dump everything into a "work Cabinet"

Also, what do you use your inbox for? Do you use it for reminders, or things you currently work on, or most recent files?

I'm still learning as I'm going but I like evernote a lot more than onenote for its tagging system

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