/r/banpitbulls mod posts that white women have sex with dogs. Mod claims they're not racist. The comments go wild

The small group of pit nutters you're talking about have all been harassed in some way by bpb mods or users. There's a long history of it.

You mean allegedly harrased? I've never seen any evidence of it. I mean how many are there of you really? 5 or 6? You guys have so many alt accounts but there's only really maybe four active at any given time. If you guys are the victims then why do you need so many alt accounts, why are you constantly harassing BPB? If you were really the victims, you would block everyone and disengage. You guys aren't the victims of anything, you're just opposed to BPB and I made it your mission to try to get them shut down by painting themselves as victims. If you were really being harassed you would not be so active, fighting for every inch in every corner of Reddit, these aren't the actions of victims, these are the actions of aggressors.

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