People with more muscular bodies are perceived as being more narcissistic

I feel like this could literally say "people who dress nice are perceived as people who like to look nice"

There's very small lines between:

I'm doing this for my health | look how swole I am

& also between

Look how swole I am | Professional body builder

Some people in the gym, the ones looking at themselves in the mirror and filming themselves non-stop, to me look like they have Selfie syndrome.

Selfie syndrome IMO is a special kind of narcissistic behavior. I'll give an example, have you ever gone to someones Instagram page and it's 400 selfies in a row of just their face doing virtually the same pose?

These types of people are in love with themselves. Now I do think it's good to love yourself, but these people are in love with themselves. Very thin line, but I imagine we all know the type?

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